Compact Voice and Office for Civil Society publish joint action plan

compact voice bannerToday Compact Voice and the Office for Civil Society have announced a joint action plan, which sets out clear activities for both to strengthen use of the Compact across government departments.
The National Audit Office’s report into government implementation of the Compact, published in 2012, included a number of recommendations that the joint action plan aims to address.
The NAO’s report stated the importance of visible leadership on the Compact from the Office for Civil Society (OCS) and across government. The action plan identifies visible and measurable activities to help deliver this, as well as strengthen the relationship between OCS and Compact Voice.
Nick Hurd MP, Minister for Civil Society, said:

“We look forward to taking this plan forward, and working closely with all departments to help them embed the principles of the Compact in their work in the best way possible.
This action plan is indicative of OCS’s on-going commitment to the Compact, and to ensuring that every department fully understand the benefits it can bring to their relationships with the voluntary and community sector”

Importantly, this action plan also seeks to address the issues raised by Compact Voice in their report into government's engagement with the voluntary and community sector.
Simon Blake OBE, Chair of Compact Voice, said:

"It's encouraging to see government committing to showing leadership on the Compact and acting in a transparent way. We know that there is much more work to be done but this action plan goes some way toward addressing this with realistic, practical tasks for both OCS and Compact Voice. We are also pleased that the Cabinet Office is announcing steps to develop a national action plan on transparency and open government. This will address some of the more worrying findings from our research into engagement with the voluntary sector."

View and download the full joint action plan here.

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