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What is the Compact?
An agreement between government and the voluntary and community sector on how to work together better. Find out more

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Who is Compact Voice?
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New guidance on social value and the Compact published

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Compact Voice has published a new guide which provides an easy-to-understand overview of social value and the Public Services (Social Value) Act. 
The guide provides practical case studies and actions for commissioning authorities and voluntary organisations to take, as well as explaining what is covered by the Social Value Act, how it relates to the Compact, how to demonstrate social value and create a strategy for doing so.

New project to give patients, public and VCS a voice on NHS England

NHS England has developed a new project called NHS Citizen, which aims to enable engagement and communication with the public, patients and voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations. 

Short briefing on Judicial Review changes published


Compact Voice have produced a short, two page briefing on some of the changes that were proposed to the process of Judicial Review.
The briefing intends to be an easy-to-understand overview of what is a relatively complex legal area, and one which can have an impact on voluntary and community organisations - particularly those that campaign on the behalf of their service users.