Engagement team

The Compact Voice Engagement Team exists for two reasons:

  1. To collect information about local Compacts from those who know them best.
  2. To use that information to develop ways of helping the sector get the most out of the Compact.

As such it is in our interests to hear from you as much as possible.

So whether you want advice, to hear about good practice examples, or just to tell us about your experiences locally – we are all ears.

The Engagement Team are:

Cath Cook
Engagement Development Officer
Cath covers the North West, North East and Yorkshire & Humber.
Email Cath
t: 0750 778 0379

Monika Hofman
Engagement Development Officer
Monika covers the South East, East and Greater London, Monika is currently on maternity leave, please contact her maternity cover: 

Email Angie MacKnight 
t: 07930 282 495

For information, advice and support concerning local Compacts in the West or East Midlands and the South West, contact the Compact Voice office.

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