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Ensuring Meaningful Engagement when Consulting

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Ensuring Meaningful Engagement when Consulting provides a benchmark of the minimum expected in order for engagement on consultations to be considered meaningful, in particular when the public body is unavoidably restricted to less than a twelve week consultation period. If this happens a clear explanation as to why this is needed should also be provided.

Oldham: Embedding the Compact in a new Cooperative structure

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Oldham Council has recently made the shift to being a Cooperative Borough, and they’ve ensured that the local voluntary and community sector is at the heart of their new structure. The momentum that is being created to develop Oldham as a Cooperative Borough has helped to meaningfully embed the local Compact into their day to day practices.

Compact Advocacy case study: Reaching an understanding despite funding cuts

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This Compact Advocacy case study explores how the voluntary organisation Joined-Up Holidays managed to reach an understanding with their funder, despite unexpected funding cuts.

Big Society and the Compact

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Published by Compact Voice in 2011, this briefing note provides information about the relationship between the Coalition Government's Big Society initiative and the Compact, including some key lessons that those delivering the Big Society can learn from the Compact.

Improved Procurement Processes at Essex County Council

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Essex County Council has recently revised its procurement policies. By removing barriers and levelling the playing field for voluntary and community sector organisations, they now follow both the letter and the spirit of the Essex Compact.

Independence Matters

Image of the publication Independence Matters

This guide aims to increase understanding in both the voluntary and community and statutory sectors about the importance and benefits of independence and how independence can be threatened.

Guide to finding your commissioner

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This guide, produced by Navca, provides practical tips to local community and voluntary organisations, to help them find out who their commissioners are.

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