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Briefing: What should voluntary organisations expect from government in the age of localism?

panel debate

As part of the Compact Week conference in 2012, Compact Voice hosted a panel debate where speakers discussed the question 'what can voluntary and community organisations expect from government in the age of localism?'.

We also asked a selection of leading figures and opinion formers in the voluntary and public sectors to share their thoughts on the topic, and compiled their answers into a single document. This is available to download here.

Briefing: Social value and the implications for local Compacts

social value guidance

This briefing has now been updated and a 2014 version is available here.

This briefing aims to help local Compact groups to get to grips with the concept of social value - and in particular the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, which comes into force in January 2013.

It provides an overview of what social value is, describes the key aspects of the Act, and discusses how it relates to the principles contained in both the national and local Compacts.

South Lakeland: Transferring Assets to Town & Parish Councils

view of south lakes

South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) wanted to look for alternative ways to provide public toilets across the region, as part of a drive to improve their provision and reduce costs. The consultation process undertaken by the council ensured that they engaged meaningfully with other sectors and private businesses in an effort to improve the service they were providing.

Braintree: Using the Compact to guide the transferring of services

countryside walk

By following both the spirit and the letter of the Braintree District Local Compact, Braintree District Council has been able to successfully transfer its highly valued Health Walks Programme to Braintree District Voluntary Support Agency (BDVSA).

Left hand, right hand...

This week BIS has decided to tackle overly burdensome bureaucracy, which might be deterring people from getting involved in volunteering. They have launched a new engagement exercise designed to identify and ultimately remove needless restrictions to volunteer events.

Ensuring Meaningful Engagement when Consulting

Image of the Ensuring Meaningful Engagement when Consulting document.

Ensuring Meaningful Engagement when Consulting provides a benchmark of the minimum expected in order for engagement on consultations to be considered meaningful, in particular when the public body is unavoidably restricted to less than a twelve week consultation period. If this happens a clear explanation as to why this is needed should also be provided.

Gateshead: A winning partnership

Gateshead winning compact award

Partners in Gateshead have developed a series of innovative projects and policies, including Community Asset Transfer Policy, the Gateshead Volunteers Big Idea, and a Commissioning Improvement Policy. The local Compact enables the Council to commission a number of its services to the Voluntary and Community Sector, ensuring a strong partnership and a strong sector.

Oldham: Embedding the Compact in a new Cooperative structure

compact banner

Oldham Council has recently made the shift to being a Cooperative Borough, and they’ve ensured that the local voluntary and community sector is at the heart of their new structure. The momentum that is being created to develop Oldham as a Cooperative Borough has helped to meaningfully embed the local Compact into their day to day practices.

Lancashire United Against Hate: Advancing Equality

Lancashire united against hate

Employees from Preston & Western Lancashire Racial Equality Council, Lancashire Constabulary, Lancashire County Council and Unison came together voluntarily to form a partnership called ‘Lancashire United Against Hate’.

By tackling the lack of resources available to assist with hate crime prevention in their area together, partners exemplified principles defined in the national Compact as “An Equal and Fair Society”. The subsequent DVD they produced has ended up having a wider-reaching impact.

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