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Helping you make the most of your consultation responses

At Compact Voice, we talk a lot about what departments can do to engage better with the voluntary sector. However, there isn’t much in the way of guidance for voluntary organisations on how they can effectively and efficiently respond to consultations.

Redbridge: Supporting the community with a holistic, multi-agency partnership

Nick Hurd at Compact Awards

Redbridge First Response Service (ReFRS) is a unique, innovative, multi-agency partnership model in Redbridge. ReFRS ensures that health and social care services are provided to local people in a holistic and coordinated way, and was set up following a consultation process and with ongoing engagement with partners and service users.

Researching local data transparency

Recently, Compact Voice concluded a piece of research looking at how local authorities in England spend on, and engage with, the voluntary sector.
We wanted to understand how transparent local authorities were able to be with their spending data, how they were consulting with the sector and if they were cutting funding to the sector disproportionately.

Bristol: Transforming local commissioning and procurement


The Strategic Commissioning and Procurement Service at Bristol City Council (BCC) has incorporated many aspects of the Bristol Compact into its work.

Helping you get to grips with social value

This February marked the one year anniversary of the Public Service (Social Value) Act, more commonly known as the Social Value Act.
The picture is still very mixed across the country as to how local authorities and voluntary sector organisations understand social value and the Public Services (Social Value) Act.
As a result, we've published a new, easy-to-understand guide to help organisations and Compact groups to get on board with it.

Funding homelessness services innovatively across London

DCLG team

The London Homelessness Social Impact Bond (SIB) was developed by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Greater London Authority (GLA) in partnership with the London homelessness voluntary sector, and has been running since November 2012.
By using a Payment by Results (PbR) funding model, backed by Social Investment, it  allows voluntary sector providers the freedom to innovate to deliver long term results for persistent rough sleepers with complex needs, beyond what has been possible before.

Sunderland: Developing an innovative regional sharing network

Sunderland at awards

Sunderland Partnership developed a network where members reduce costs by swapping resources (either as a giveaway or loan). Sunderland Partnership has worked collaboratively with Sunderland City Council, Sunderland schools, Sunderland University, Voluntary and Community Action Sunderland and privately owned company WarpIT on the project.
The project was awarded the Compact Innovation Award at the 2013 Compact Awards ceremony (pictured). 

Read a blog by Daniel O'Connor from WarpIT
 explaining how others can get involved in their area.

Working together for open government

We’ve recently done quite a lot of work with the Open Government Partnership (OGP). I wanted to take some time to explain to you all in this blog exactly what the OGP is and what it has to do with Compact Voice.

Voluntary Organisations Network North East: Supporting the Sector with Policy and Representation


The Compact Award-winning Policy and Representation Partnership was set up in 2009, after receiving four years of funding to help the voluntary and community sector to influence public policy. 

The Partnership, facilitated by VONNE, set out to create a ‘Festival of Ideas’ around policy. This created the space and opportunity for people from grass roots voluntary organisations, people from across different sectors and funders to come together to explore ideas and influence policy-makers on issues that matter deeply to communities in the North East.

Response: Judicial Review consultation


Compact Voice have submitted a response to the Ministry of Justice's consultation into proposed reforms to the Judicial Review process.

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