Government respond to equalities 'Red Tape Challenge' queries: Share your thoughts

Raised handsThe government’s Red Tape Challenge - launched to encourage the public to help cut ‘unnecessary regulations’ was recently focussed on the Equality Act. The government – through the Government Equalities Office - launched an engagement exercise allowing the public to comment on whether they believed any provisions in the Equality Act were too bureaucratic or burdensome.
Compact Voice wrote to the Government Equality Office (GEO) after a meeting of the Equality and Diversity Forum, passing on concerns expressed by forum members.
In particular, assurance was sought that any proposed changes resulting from this exercise would be subject to a full and comprehensive consultation. We stated that current engagement activities must not be undertaken in place of, or at the expense of such consultation.
We also sought assurance that the GEO would continue to follow the principles of the Compact when consulting, and included a copy of our draft guidance on meaningful engagement.
We have now received a response to our letter from the GEO, which you can download below.
It states that the Red Tape Challenge is not a formal consultation, but aims to be a crowdsourcing exercise to generate ideas about how to tackle excessive red tape. It emphasises that their questions do not indicate an intention to remove legislation or regulatory measures, however the letter also states that there will be further opportunities for consultation on any de-regulatory measures the government proposes to enact.
We would be interested to hear your thoughts on this: does the response offer reassurance enough that the principles of the Compact are being followed? Please use the comments box below to tell us what you think. 

Government Equalities Office letter to Compact Voice28.05 KB
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