Communities Minister reminds councils of importance of Compact and data transparency

don foster mpCompact Voice has welcomed a letter from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to every local authority in England, reminding them of the important role of the voluntary and community sector.

The Rt Hon Don Foster MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at DCLG, reminded councils of the important role of local Compacts and of following government’s Best Value Guidance.

The letter draws on findings from Compact Voice’s Freedom of Information Act data, which identified that half of all councils are cutting funding to the voluntary and community sector disproportionately - i.e., by more than the reduction in their own budget.

The Minister has reiterated that the voluntary and community sector must not be seen as a soft target for cuts.

The letter also raised concerns that echoed those highlighted by Compact Voice’s recent Freedom of Information research that some councils were unable to provide sufficient information on their funding to the voluntary and community sector.

Tom Elkins, Compact Voice Manager said: 

“Transparency is an important aspect for effective partnerships, and it is reassuring that the minister has reminded councils that they should do all they can to ensure that spending data is collected, as well as making sure available information can be easily understood.

Working to principles agreed in local Compacts can help ensure that decisions made about local funding are undertaken more fairly, strategically, and transparently.”

Compact Voice will be continuing to work closely with DCLG – and other departments – to ensure government is held accountable on the Compact and that spending data is transparent and can be easily scrutinised. 

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