Compact Voice annual survey now open

survey 2013The annual survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill it out!

Compact Voice's third annual survey of local Compacts is now open. The survey will allow us to gather vital information about the health of local Compacts across England. 

This year, the survey also includes questions relating to key policy developments affecting voluntary organisations.

The responses received - which will be published in a report in the coming months - will help us to gain an insight into how organisations are engaging with new health structures, and to gather views on the impact of the Social Value Act and Best Value Guidance on voluntary organisations across the country. We'll also be endeavouring to find out how organisations have been engaging with the new health and social care landscape.

The responses will help us to find out how effective local Compacts are in different areas across England, and will inform our plans for work on the ground and for lobbying to improve standards.

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