Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary Sector: Latest report published

independence reportThe Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary Sector have published their latest report.

Compact Voice gave evidence at a session leading up to its publication last year, and the report draws on our research and Annual Survey Report.

The report, like our own findings, suggests that while support for the Compact remains high both locally and nationally, there remains some concerns around its implementation.

Compact Voice are working closely with OCS and government departments to help them to raise awareness of the Compact, how it can be implemented properly and how government can ensure activities and engagement with the voluntary sector are reported and shared. Ensuring that the independence of the voluntary sector is upheld remains a priority for Compact Voice.

We're pleased that the report highlights some of the good practice around partnership working that is happening locally. Compact Voice believes that progress is being made and there have been some positive developments in recent months in terms of national government committing to follow all of the principles of the Compact.

Download the report - and find out more about the Panel - on their website at

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