Survey reveals highest ever levels of support for the Compact despite lack of resources

survey imageToday Compact Voice has published findings from its third annual survey of local Compacts. The results reveal that despite reductions in resourcing, local support for the Compact is at its highest ever levels.
89% of respondents to the survey from both the voluntary and statutory sector agreed that the ‘Compact is important and effort needs to be made to implement it in full’, highlighting the vital role of partnership agreements in a changing local policy and commissioning landscape. Local Compacts can provide a key framework to strengthen local partnerships with new bodies, such as Clinical Commissioning Groups.
However, the survey has also highlighted that available resources for local Compacts is decreasing. Despite the perceived importance of the Compact to local cross-sector relationships, 80% of areas do not have a paid support worker for their local Compact.
When asked about what would improve implementation of their local Compact, respondents stated resourcing, leadership from local senior officials, and promotion and awareness.
The survey was sent to every local Compact area in England, and responses received covered 85% of local Compacts. The report contains detailed information about how local partnership agreements are working for both the public and voluntary sectors across England, as well as perceptions about policy initiatives.
Tom Elkins, Compact Voice Manager said:

“Much of Compact Voice’s activities are based on those views and opinions shared by local areas. Having such comprehensive data gives us a better understanding of what is happening on the ground and where we can best focus our efforts.
While it is reassuring that there remains such high levels of support for the Compact, reduced resources are clearly a major issue. We will be working with local Compacts to see how best to ensure partnership principles continue to be championed in the context of limited funding.”

View the full survey report at


  • The survey took place in August 2013, and we received 327 responses, with 159 of these from key local Compact workers. Questions were asked on a variety of topics, including who had signed up to local Compact agreements, how frequently people met to discuss their Compact, and the impact of national policy developments on local areas.
  • At the time of publication of the survey report, there are 165 local Compacts.


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