Compact implementation prominent in government business plans

big benGovernment departmental business plans for 2013-14 have now been published, and for the second year running, the Compact is included as a cross-departmental priority.

The plans outline how respective departments will be implementing the Compact and working in partnership with the voluntary and community sector. Compact Voice is pleased that the Compact is prominent in many departmental plans – several have included tangible, positive activities which they will be undertaking to strengthen their relationship with the voluntary sector through the Compact.

Compact Voice has worked with a number of different departments during 2012 to help them implement last year’s business plan activities, and we’re happy that many of them have expanded upon what was included last year. It is clear from this year’s plans that understanding of how Compact principles should be used by departments has improved.

Tom Elkins, Compact Voice Manager, said: 

'Compact Voice's membership has stated that visible leadership from government departments is a key way to improve the use and standing of the Compact. Many of the business plans demonstrate that this has been taken on board. We look forward to working with departments to help deliver their business plans and strengthen their relationship with the voluntary and community sector.'

Each department’s commitments are outlined on the Number 10 website, and can be found at:

The business plans represent an important step in achieving the accountability and transparency central to this government's stated vision of their contract with the sector. Compact Voice will be working to ensure the actions outlined in these business plans become an operational reality.

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