Welsh government refreshing its relationship with the voluntary sector

welsh assemblyThe Welsh Government have just announced a new consultation, which focuses on refreshing the Welsh Government’s relationship with the voluntary sector in Wales. 

The consultation aims to 'strengthen and renew the relationship between Welsh Government and the Third Sector in Wales in an open and collaborative way'. They are particularly encouraging voluntary sector networks and groups to get involved and disseminate information to the wider sector.

The consultation considers:

  1. Affirming and renewing the relationship;
  2. Supporting voluntary/third sector infrastructure;
  3. Engagement with the sector;
  4. Working together nationally, regionally and locally;
  5. Local Compacts; and
  6. Framework documents.

There are three consultation events taking place across Wales, for further information see the Welsh Government website.

The consultation is open until 8 August, 2013.

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