Andrew George MP welcomes Compact Week in Parliament

houses of parliamentAndrew George MP, one of the chairs of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Civil Society and Volunteering, has tabled an early day motion in Parliament welcoming Compact Week, and expressing support for the Compact.
Early day motions give MPs the opportunity to show support for particular issues and causes, and can be signed by all parties.  
EDM 648 states:

“That this House welcomes Compact Week which takes place from 5 to 9 November 2012; recognises the important contribution that Compact has made to enabling better relationships between civil society and Government; notes the important role of local Compact agreements in helping build better communities through stronger partnerships; and celebrates the vital contribution that the voluntary and community sectors make to society.”

Compact Voice is encouraging local Compact groups to email their constituency MP, askign them to show support for the Compact by signing EDM 648.
You can find out who your local MP is by visiting

We have also created some draft text for use as an email or letter, which you can download here and send to your MP.

To find out more about Compact Week, visit

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