Compact implementation outlined in government business plans

westminsterGovernment departments have now published their 2012 business plans. For the first time, these plans must address how each department will work to implement Compact principles in their dealings with the voluntary and community sector.
Compact Voice has had on-going discussions with the Cabinet Office and other departments while the plans were being drafted, and as a result we are pleased to see that the Compact is prominent in most business plans.
There is a mixed picture across departments, and a varying level of understanding of how Compact principles should be used by departments.
We welcomed the opportunity to work with departments while they developed their plans, and we will be reiterating our offer to work with them in more detail in the future, to help them turn Compact principles into actions.
Simon Blake OBE, Chair of Compact Voice said:

"Leadership on the Compact at a national level is vital to delivering better outcomes for communities.  Particularly in such challenging times, we are delighted that number 10 has required departments to explicitly identify the actions they will take to ensure Compact principles drive engagement and resourcing of the voluntary and community sector.  
This is an important step in achieving the accountability and transparency central to this government's stated vision of their contract with the sector. There is still a lot of work to be done to ensure the words in these business plans become an operational reality.
Given the unprecedented pace and scale of change, government's commitment to genuine partnership with the voluntary and community sector, demonstrated through their actions, is crucial.

Compact Voice will be closely monitoring the implementation of these plans over the next year.
The business plans can be read in full on Number 10’s website at:

Download our statement below.

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