Trafford Council replaces library staff with volunteers

This week Trafford Council announced that it was removing all of its paid staff from two local libraries and replacing them with volunteers, according to Third Sector.

The article goes on to say:

The council has signed the Trafford Compact, which says: "Volunteers should not be recruited to fill the place of paid staff. This could be seen as exploitation of the volunteer and a deprival of someone’s livelihood."

The spokesman said he did not believe the proposals would contravene the Compact. "The staff at the libraries are being redeployed so we are not making any redundancies," he said.

Daniel Fluskey from NCVO's Compact Advocacy Programme said:

It’s disappointing that Trafford seem to have proposed plans that go against their Compact. Although the Compact may have been agreed before they realised the full scale of funding cuts, we don’t see the funding situation as justification for breaching the Compact. In a tough financial climate partnership working between local authorities and the voluntary sector becomes even more important, not less. 
Read the full article on the Third Sector website.


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