Compact one of government’s six business plan priorities

Nick Hurd MPThe Compact is now one of six departmental priorities cutting across government business plans, according to Nick Hurd, the Minister for Civil Society.  

The Minister made the announcement at a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Civil Society and Volunteering in Westminster yesterday. He said that the Compact being given this status by No. 10 showed its importance to government. This means that departments must ensure their activities deliver against these six key priorities, which also include social mobility and growth.
His comments were in response to the National Audit Office’s (NAO) enquiry into central government’s implementation of the National Compact. David Clarke, Director at the NAO, said that he would be checking to ensure that government departments had implemented the report’s recommendations.
Simon Blake, Chair of Compact Voice, also addressed the meeting, stating that national leadership was central to improving the way the Compact is delivered, not just nationally, but locally as well. He referred to Compact Voice’s networks and members highlighting how perceptions about the Compact’s importance to central government affects how people deliver its principles locally.
The Minister recognised this, stating that if central government can get the Compact working, it sets “precedence down the line to local communities”. He also welcomed the NAO report, saying that it ‘kicked the tyres’ of central government’s implementation of the Compact.
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