SOVA signs up to Compact

National charity SOVA has signed up to the Compact.
SOVA (Supporting Others through Volunteer Action) have developed a Compact-compliant preferred provider process for new tendering opportunities and contracting. As a result, SOVA have secured Compact Voice’s Compliance Mark.
This is an important milestone, as it demonstrates SOVA’s commitment to being Compact-compliant and providing the best services possible. SOVA’s director of Services and Markets, Sarah Mallender, said:
“As a contractor ourselves we know how important it is to have a fair and transparent tendering and contracting process from government and we believe that our providers and partners should expect no less from us.  We want to lead by example and embed Compact principles within our own supply chain.”
If you are interested in finding out more about how your organisation can ensure its processes are Compact-compliant, please contact us.

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