Compact Voice response to Open Public Services White Paper

OPSWP imageCompact Voice have responded to the Open Public Services White Paper, and you can download our response below.

While the white paper asks specific questions, our submission provides a response about the consultation exercise, the context in which it was launched, and makes some comments on the text itself.

Our response contains the following recommendations:

- We encourage any response to this white paper to also include a detailed response to the 400 submissions reported to have been received to the ‘Modernising Commissioning’ green paper.

- Government needs to ensure that it makes explicit reference to the Compact in its policies, - particularly in relation to policies which have an impact on the voluntary and community sector.

- We encourage government to publish a policy ‘roadmap’ which provides a comprehensive overview of the current landscape. This would help it deliver the transparency objectives it is supporting.

- We recommend that town and parish councils be strongly encouraged to sign up to principles in their local Compacts, and that the remit of existing accountability bodies – such as the LGO – explicitly include town and parish councils where they do not already.

- We encourage stronger links to accountability mechanisms and existing guidance be made to ensure that the expectations the sector has about fairer treatment are delivered.

Read the full response below.

Compact Voice response to Open Public Services White Paper (PDF)38.45 KB
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