Compact-compliant way of dealing with budget cuts in Calderdale

Compact Voice have published another good practice case study on partnership working between the Calderdale voluntary sector and their local statutory body.

 Calderdale Council have responded to budget cuts in a mature, proactive and Compact compliant way by marketing the consultation, impact report and draft budget prominently. 

By encouraging wide scrutiny of the draft budget and accompanying documents Calderdale Metropolitan Borough council has allowed itself to be more accountable with its partners in the voluntary and community sector. As a result if the proposed cuts for 2012/2013 are carried they are likely to be better informed and more widely understood. The trust this builds with voluntary and community sector partners could lead to stronger relationships and closer working in the future which in turn could result in better, more efficient services.

To read the full summary of the case study, visit our Resources section.

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