Prime Minister gives his support to the Compact

During yesterday's launch of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat's 'Big Society', David Cameron announced a number of initiatives which he states will further support the charity and voluntary sector, and pledged his government's commitment to "renew and refresh" the Compact between the public and voluntary sectors.
The initiatives, supported by the Cabinet Office and the new Minister for Civil Society Nick Hurd, included commitments to give communities more powers, strengthening the role of local government in decision making, and making government data more readily available.

In his speech, the Prime Minister also announced his support for the Compact, stating:

"One of the other elements we’ve been able to agree very rapidly in our coalition agreement is support for co-ops, for mutuals, for charities, for social enterprises – making sure that the Compact you’ve got already with government, which we think has been honoured more in the breach than the observance, really means something. And one of the early bits of work, I think, is to refresh and renew that Compact."

The Prime Minister's statement supports comments made by Francis Maude, Minister of State for the Cabinet Office, who was questioned as part of Compact Voice's general election campaign, which sought the views of prospective Parliamentary Candidates about their engagement with local voluntary and community sector organisations in their constituency.

During the election campaign, Mr Maude wrote:

"I would certainly continue to champion the Compact. Conservatives have pledged to strengthen it. We want to build a Big Society, based on social responsibility and community action."

Oliver Reichardt, Head of the Compact Team said:

"It’s great that the Prime Minister recognises the vital role of the Compact in building better relationships between public bodies and Civil Society. With many groups worried about the impact of spending cuts, it is more important than ever that we have a fully implemented Compact. We look forward to working with the government in renewing the Compact to ensure it reaches its full potential.” 

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