‘What evidence do you have of the impact of the Compact locally and nationally?’

q and a imageCompact Voice publishes case studies regularly which explore good Compact working in a practical way. All of these explore the impact of local Compacts, and also of how government are implementing the Compact to improve their partnership working.

We have published examples of how local Compacts have been used to involve the VCS in policy design, involve BME communities in community fire safety and help the VCS and public sector to engage with the private sector - all of which have had a tangible, positive impact on local communities.

Government departments have shared good practice with us on topics of Social Impact Bonds and Open Policy Making.

Nationally, the Compact is used ‘behind-the-scenes’ on a regular basis to inform and influence policy development.

The Compact is embedded in every government department’s business plans, and every department has a Senior Responsible Officer with the responsibility for ensuring implementation and raising awareness of the Compact.

The Compact is referenced in, and underpinned by, a number of government policies such as Best Value Statutory Guidance, the Open Government Partnership’s National Action Plan and the Cabinet Office’s Consultation Principles guidance – amongst many others.

We meet with and talk to our contacts in central government regularly, most notably with the Office for Civil Society and the cross-departmental Compact Forum.

Our Engagement Development Officers also meet regularly with their regional contacts from the OCS Local Intelligence Team.

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