‘What is Compact Voice doing to help commissioners follow Compact principles?’

Compact Voice works with commissioners and produces resources to help them understand the value and importance of working with the voluntary sector, what the Compact is, and what the benefits of working in partnership are.
Compact Voice works to encourage voluntary organisations to become more involved in and engaged with the whole commissioning process.
We have produced resources detailing how voluntary organisations can be proactive in approaching commissioners, as well as why and how they should do so.
A key point is the need to communicate that the Compact can help commissioners to do their job even better: it is a tool for describing good practice, not an extra hurdle to be cleared. By following Compact principles in commissioning, the process becomes clearer, with shared expectations and less ambiguity.
The Compact is also underpinned by other guidance and legislation which make explicit links to it – such as Best Value Statutory Guidance and the Social Value Act.

Further information:

Are you a commissioner? Get in touch with us to find out more about how the Compact can support you in your work.
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