‘The Compact has been around for a long time. Do you think the time for the Compact has passed?’

The Compact is in many respects more relevant now than ever.

In light of an increasing reliance on VCS organisations to deliver public services, the Compact can help to ensure a level playing field, encourage open and honest dialogue across sectors and establish a foundation for these relationships that ensures both sectors are treated fairly.

The Compact is an important tool for helping new commissioning bodies to engage with the voluntary sector and in establishing new and productive partnerships.

Police and Crime Commissioners
and Clinical Commissioning Groups are increasingly signing up to local Compacts, as they provide a key point of access to engage with the voluntary sector and signing up sends a strong message that they are willing to engage with the VCS.

The Compact has a higher level of support from national government now than it has had previously – it is included in every government department’s business plan, and the Prime Minister has stated his support in the renewed national Compact.

In Compact Voice’s annual survey of local Compacts, 89% of the 327 respondents believed that ‘the Compact is important and effort needs to be made to implement it in full”.

The Compact was established in 1998 but was refreshed in 2009 and renewed in 2010. It has cross-party support across government.

See how Compact Voice and the Office for Civil Society are working together to implement the Compact nationally in our Joint Action Plan.

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