Compact Week 2014

compact weekCompact Week takes place across England, and aims to promote and celebrate the Compact: the longstanding agreement that sets out shared commitments and guidelines for partnership working between government and the voluntary sector.

Compact Week 2014 theme

The theme for Compact Week 2014 is: 'Facing the future: commissioning together’.
We’re encouraging local groups to use Compact Week as a way of connecting with new commissioning partnerships – such as Local Enterprise Partnerships, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Police and Crime Commissioners, to name just three.
You could use Compact Week and the theme as:
  1. A title for a Compact Week conference, bringing together voluntary sector organisations and local commissioners to discuss the future together
  2. A topic for a discussion session about what the voluntary sector can do locally to engage with or influence these commissioners
  3. A prompt to write to local commissioners who aren’t so well engaged with the sector – remind them of the benefits of working in partnership with the voluntary sector and signing up to their local Compact

You could also add the theme to the agenda of any meetings you’re having in November to kick start discussions about how to influence or engage with new commissioners.

Practical ways your area can get involved

Compact Week is an excellent time to encourage new organisations or local commissioning bodies to get on board with their local Compact and sign up to its principles.

It’s also a good time to reiterate how valuable a local Compact is in supporting and strengthening existing partnerships and local relationships.

Hosting a Compact Week event

We encourage local Compact partnerships to host their own events during Compact Week, to help raise awareness of their Compact, and familiarise new members of staff with what it is and how it works. Compact Voice can provide free speakers and materials for your events – more information on this is below.

It can be useful to host an event for organisations, groups or partnerships that should be aware of the benefits of working with the local voluntary sector, but haven’t yet engaged much with organisations in their area.

For example, you could host a roundtable event, meeting or information session for your local Police and Crime Commissioner, or ask a representative from a Clinical Commissioning Group to visit your organisation and find out first-hand how you’re addressing local health issues.

Any activities like this can help to raise awareness of the benefits of working in partnership with the voluntary sector.

Putting the Compact on the agenda

Many areas also use Compact Week as a way of getting their local Compact ‘off the shelf’ and onto the table.

An easy, low cost way of doing this is to include the Compact as an agenda item at an existing meeting, either during or in the lead up to, Compact Week. Many areas will take the opportunity to attend a cross-organisational meeting and provide a short overview of what their Compact is, who is involved with it and what its benefits are.

Again, Compact Voice is able to provide information and resources on this. See the ‘further information’ section below for details on how to get in touch.

Entering a Compact Award nomination

Winning a Compact Award can be a great way of raising the profile of your local Compact.

If you have worked on a successful project delivered in partnership this year, we encourage you to enter – it is quick and easy to do so.

Winners will be invited to an evening ceremony in a Thames-side venue in Westminster on November 5, during Compact Week.

This year’s event will see over 100 key figures from the voluntary and statutory sectors come together to celebrate good practice in partnership working.

All winners are presented with an award and framed certificate, and are given free use of professional photographs taken during presentations.

More information about the benefits of entering a nomination can be found at

Raising your Compact’s profile

There are numerous low cost ways to utilise Compact Week to raise the profile of your local Compact – here are some ideas other areas have used:

  • Put together a flyer about your Compact's benefits and place it on your reception desk, in staff areas or on noticeboards for the duration of the week (alternatively, we can provide materials or flyers – see below).
  • Write up a case study exploring an aspect of your partnership working that has gone well in the last year, which other areas could learn from. Get in touch with Compact Voice to find out more about sharing your experiences via our website and newsletter.
  • Send an email to your local council members telling them what the Compact is and how it is relevant to them.
  • Recruit ‘Compact champions’ in your local area, who can help to raise awareness of the Compact and induct new staff all year round.
  • Undertake a ‘Compact Challenge’ for the period around Compact Week: insert articles about your local Compact in internal bulletins, magazines and on websites – organise informal training or lunchtime learning sessions for new staff and colleagues to find out what your local Compact is.

If you’re looking for further ideas do contact us, we’d be happy to help.

Free logos, materials and speaker service for your events

Free materials, toolkits and notebooks

If you’re running an event during Compact Week, or just providing an update on your local Compact at a meeting (which we encourage you to do!), we can provide a selection of materials free of charge.

We can provide free notebooks containing the text of the Compact, branded pens and free hard copies of our new practical guide – ‘the Partnership Working Toolkit’, which will be officially launched during Compact Week.

Numbers are limited, but if you would like any of these materials to distribute throughout your organisation or to partners, please get in touch. We can usually arrange for free delivery, depending on the size of the order.

Request a speaker from Compact Voice

You can also request a speaker from Compact Voice to attend your event and discuss the benefits of the Compact and good partnership working.

Find out more about our free speaker service here.

Please provide three weeks’ notice prior to your event, as our staff will be busy in the lead up to Compact Week. Speaker requests will be addressed in the order they are received, so the sooner the better!

Download a Compact Week logo or copy for newsletters

You can download a Compact Week logo below – in either large high resolution format or as a smaller size suitable for use on web pages. A version with the Compact Week theme as a strapline is also included.

There is also some copy available to download below, which you can tailor for use in newsletters and on websites.

More information about Compact Week activities will be added to this page over the coming weeks. If you’d like to find out more in the meantime, please email us.

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