Compact Awards 2015

The deadline for nominations for the Compact Awards 2015 has now passed. An announcement will be made shortly regarding shortlisted nominations. If you have submitted a nomination, but have not yet received an acknowledgement, please email as soon as possible.

Information about 2014's winners can be found here

Compact Awards 2015The Compact Awards celebrate and showcase outstanding Compact working across England.

Award winners will be chosen from groups, individuals, organisations and activities that demonstrate the very best of cross-sector partnership working. 

Why enter a nomination?

Winning a Compact Award can have a positive impact on recipients in a number of ways:
  • Recognition of your work and your commitment and dedication to the Compact way of working
  • Raising awareness of your local Compact and the partners signed up to it
  • Affirming your knowledge of the Compact and commitment to working in partnership
  • Helping to demonstrate your impact and add to your credibility
  • Winners often receive press coverage which can be a great way of raising the profile of your organisation
  • Even if you do not win, entering a nomination allows you and your organisation or group to appreciate how much you've achieved in the past year. We also publish case studies on the work of many of the shortlisted entries, as well as winners.
rob wilsonAnnouncing the winners last year, Rob Wilson MP, Minister for Civil Society, said:

"This year’s winners show the positive impact that working together in partnership can have on local communities. I’m delighted to see so many nominations celebrating national and local partnerships delivering real change. I’d like to congratulate the winners for leading the way and showing how successful these partnerships can be when the voluntary sector and government work together."

How to enter a nomination

awards imageYou can nominate yourself, another individual, a local Compact group or an organisation (both voluntary and community organisations and statutory bodies are eligible to enter).

If you are interested in submitting a nomination, please select the appropriate category from the list below and download the corresponding nomination form.

Please note that judges may move your nomination into a different category if they think it is better placed there.

Your nomination must include specific examples of projects or working practices which clearly demonstrate commitment to Compact principles or examples of positive outcomes that were achieved as a result of working in partnership across sectors.

Shortlisted entries will be promoted via the Compact Voice website, social media, our e-newsletter and published in a booklet which is distributed at the Compact Awards ceremony.

Looking at last year’s successful nominations may help you to think about your submission. The 2014 booklet with all the short-listed entries can be downloaded here

Further information – please read before submitting your nomination:

  • There is a word limit of 500 words. Any text over the limit will be disregarded.
  • Shortlisted entries may be edited for publication on the Compact Voice website and use in post-awards publicity.
  • Nomination forms should be sent via e-mail to
  • Please include all the requested contact details on the nomination form (don’t forget your Twitter address if you tweet) along with a photograph.

Categories for the 2015 Awards

Compact Advancing Equality Award

Awarded to Compact partnerships, groups or activities which demonstrate an outstanding commitment to equality, through promoting services, activities, or events which help advance equality of opportunity, or actively seek to tackle and challenge discrimination.

Examples of best practice might include:

  • Activities designed and delivered in partnership which are specifically targeted towards equality issues, or those protected characteristics described in the Equalities Act 2010
  • Demonstrable support for the principles on equality and fairness as described in Principle 5 of the national Compact
  • Collaboration and partnership activity which help further local actions and activities on promoting inclusion, equality and fairness 

Download the Advancing Equality Award nomination form (.doc)

Compact Engagement Award

This Award will be given to excellent examples of partnership working and use of the Compact, which have resulted in services being based on a comprehensive understanding of community need.

This will be awarded to a group or specific engagement programme which demonstrates exceptional effort to improve understanding of the impact of potential or emerging policies and programmes.

Examples of best practice might include:
  • Consultation or engagement exercises which embed the spirit of the Compact in their design and delivery, taking into account Compact Voice’s guidance on meaningful engagement
  • Demonstrable support for Principle 2 of the national Compact
  • Demonstration of how input and engagement with consultation activities and exercises has resulted in improvements to proposed service or policy design and delivery
  • Examples from communities and stakeholders affected or engaged with consultation processes who have benefited from outstanding engagement processes

Download the Engagement Award nomination form (.doc)

Compact Impact Award

This Award is for a group or individual who has worked in partnership, using the principles of the Compact, to bring about demonstrable improvements for their community.

This award will recognise where use of the Compact principles and partnership working has supported and led to improved outcomes, while maintaining and supporting strong partnerships.

Examples of best practice might include:

  • Examples of cross-sector partnership working that have had a clear impact and have improved the lives of service users, beneficiaries or those in the local community
  • Using the principles of the Compact to engage in constructive dialogue, challenge policies, programmes, or changes to financial arrangements which would otherwise have negatively affected either or both sectors
  • Demonstrable examples of where the Compact has been specifically used to improve policies, programmes, services, or financial arrangements
  • Instances where Compact principles around clear arrangements for managing changes to programmes and services have been effectively and demonstrably used
  • Demonstrable support for Principles 2, 3 or 4 of the national Compact

Download the Impact Award nomination form (.doc)

Compact Innovation Award

Awarded to the group or project which has developed a new approach or creative solutions to a challenging situation through cross-sector partnership working and using Compact principles.

This could include using Compact principles and expertise to challenge and mitigate difficulties with engagement, funding or lack of resources, new forms of communication or engagement (including social media), or improving reach or influence through innovative means or engaging with new cross-sector partners.

Examples of best practice in this category are likely to include:

  • Instances where the principles of the Compact, or partnership groups working with them, have demonstrated new approaches and ways of thinking
  • Developing innovative, inspiring solutions or activities which can be demonstrated and learnt from by others
  • Embedding or supporting a range of Compact principles in new activities, programmes, or partnership groups
  • Engaging with new cross-sector partners and strengthening local Compact groups

Download the Innovation Award nomination form (.doc)

Compact Leadership Award

Awarded to the person or group showing outstanding leadership with consistent championing and support for the Compact.

This may be through a formal leadership role or through recognisable leadership behaviour, and should reflect where consistent support for the Compact has and continues to improve partnership working.

Examples of best practice in this category include:

  • An individual or group embedding a range of Compact principles in their work
  • Demonstrable improvements as a result of consistent and on-going championing of the Compact
  • Displaying an approach which highlights tenacity, consistency and commitment
  • Recognising and promoting the Compact way of working
  • Encouraging others of the benefits of positive partnership working

Download the Leadership Award nomination form (.doc)

Local Compact Partnership Award

Awarded to a group or partnership that has shown continued and outstanding commitment to the Compact, with demonstrable outcomes and improvements delivered for their communities.
Examples of best practice might include:
  • Consistent support for partnership working, through on-going engagement with, responsiveness to and support for the local Compact and local partners
  • Demonstration of a range of cross-sector partnership activities which have led to shared outcomes
  • Visible championing and support which recognises the importance of a strong, diverse and independent voluntary and community sector, effective, transparent and responsive design and delivery of policies, programmes and public services through stronger partnerships

Download the Local Compact Partnership Award nomination form (.doc)

The Chris Frost Award

This year we will once again be giving a discretionary prize, previously known as the Chair’s Award, which will recognise an outstanding contribution to strengthening, supporting and improving partnership working between the statutory and voluntary sectors.

The award is named in honour of Chris Frost, Compact Voice board member and Chief Executive of Merton Voluntary Service Council, who sadly passed away in November 2013.

Nominations will not be accepted for this award.

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