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National leadership from government: Setting the mood music for local partnerships

By Simon Blake, Chair of Compact Voice

This week I was pleased to be invited to be on the panel of All Party Parliamentary Group on Civil Society and Volunteering to discuss the National Audit Office's recent report on central government's implementation of the Compact.  Also on the panel were David Clarke from the NAO, and the Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd. 

So how is Government doing on the Compact?

Recently, the National Audit Office published their long awaited report on how central government is implementing the Compact. It’s certainly interesting reading - containing some things we had expected, as well as some surprises - and it sends a clear message both to the government and the sector that more needs to be done to ensure stronger implementation of the Compact.


The essence of good partnership working

We live in turbulent times. Many of the structures for partnership working are changing, evolving and in some cases disappearing. I’ve been pondering the impact of this and reflecting on what the essence of good partnership working really is.  


Despite predictions, the world and the Compact will continue to thrive

Nostradamus may have predicted that the world would end in 2012, but here at Compact Voice we’re hunkering down for a busy year, with a lot of Compact developments on the horizon. No doom and gloom here, then.

Read a round up of last year's major developments for Compact Voice, and find out what's on the horizon for 2012.


Should the format of your Compact be as important as its contents?

When renewing your local Compact, should you focus your attention on discussing the appearance and format of the finished document, or should you be more concerned about the content?
The answer may seem obvious – until you take into account making your local Compact accessible to everyone.


Is transforming local infrastructure a good thing?

One of the things I like about my job is that I get a great overview of what current key issues for the voluntary and community sector are, and get to know what is happening locally. We all know that this is a time of change and upheaval, brought about by shrinking resources and a new policy agenda. The emphasis is on doing things differently and on finding innovative ways to provide services.


Celebrating Success

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to attend the 2011 Compact Awards, held at the Treasury and jointly organised by the team here at Compact Voice and the Office for Civil Society. 

The awards celebrated some of the best that the Compact can bring about, and it was a genuine pleasure to spend an evening in the company of people who I could effusively congratulate for their achievements. 

Compact networking: A challenge worth taking on

Compact leads are a diverse group. Only a handful of areas fund a dedicated Compact officer, but most will have someone with responsibility for taking forward the Compact - even if its just one aspect of their job. 

Are regions still relevant?

In my new role as Engagement Development Officer with Compact Voice, I cover three regions – the South West, the West Midlands and the East Midlands. I’ve been trying to build up a picture of Compact activity in those areas and to get a better feel for what’s happening at a local area in the different regions.


Your voice and the Compact

Last week, we published information about the extent of the cuts to the voluntary and community sector. Based on the information provided by Freedom of Information requests we submitted to 351 local areas, the results provided some key intelligence about how local areas were being affected by spending cuts.

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