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Guest blog: What does a local Compact Officer actually do?

Our latest guest blog is by Sue Beer, who is part time Compact Officer at CASE Kent. Sue works across four districts in East Kent, and the post is currently supported by a Big Lottery grant. Here Sue discusses the challenges and responsibilities of being a Local Compact Officer.


A closer look at department business plans

Earlier in June, government published its long awaited business plans, setting out each department’s aims, activities and major projects for the next twelve months. As we reported earlier in the year, the announcement that Number 10 was making the Compact one of its cross-departmental business plan priorities was welcome news.


Left hand, right hand...

This week BIS has decided to tackle overly burdensome bureaucracy, which might be deterring people from getting involved in volunteering. They have launched a new engagement exercise designed to identify and ultimately remove needless restrictions to volunteer events.


A year in the life of an Engagement Development Officer

I have been in my post now for twelve months. The time has gone very quickly as I have been extremely busy.


Introducing the East of England Compact Network

Our research suggested that regional Compact networks add real value to local Compacts. Now we are putting that idea to the test by establishing the East of England Compact Network


Do Compact Champions really make a difference?

I certainly think so - but as a previous winner of the Compact Champion of the year award, some may say that I am biased…

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, Compact Champions are simply people who are charged with raising awareness of their local Compact, spreading the word about its uses and helping to ensure it is understood and used locally.


Funding fairly: Using the Compact to get full cost recovery

When money is tight and sources of funding are falling into the ‘slim-to-none’ category, any new grant programme or opportunity is likely to be welcomed with open arms. But with an unrelenting drive to make efficiency savings, the amount of funding available for publicly funded projects and programmes can be squeezed to such an extent that some charities end up subsiding the true costs of services themselves. This blog looks at why that's a problem and what can be done about it.


The hot issues in policy and politics

A week on from NCVO’s annual conference and I’ve finally tackled my inbox (I think) and fulfilled my promise to post a blog.  My colleague Adam Pickering and I were lucky enough to be invited to take part in one of the best attended sessions of the day in discussing ‘hot issues in policy and politics’ with over 100 delegates.

Compact on the agenda at NCVO Annual Conference

Yesterday, Compact Voice's London-based team attended NCVO's Annual Conference. It isn't unusual at conferences to have to explain what the Compact is to delegates who aren't aware of it. They are usually familiar with its principles, though less so their origin. However, yesterday's conference was slightly different: most people I met were aware of the Compact, but many challenged me to convince them why it was still relevant.


The dedicated Compact worker paradox

Let me play devil’s advocate: dedicated local Compact workers can be invaluable in getting local Compacts up and running, but can their influence also prevent the Compact from being self-sufficient?

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