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Southwark Commission gives early action approaches a boost

A couple of months ago, Southwark launched its independent Early Action Commission. The benefits of “early action” – shorthand for the idea that helping people to manage health and wellbeing issues is better than managing a crisis later on – are widely accepted. Yet until now, translating this into concrete action has not been straightforward.

In this blog post, we look at why early action matters so much, what is happening in Southwark and what the future holds for early action approaches.


Just what the doctor ordered? Social prescribing and partnership working

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about social prescribing.

With a number of pilots showing promising results, and more and more areas exploring how such a system could work for their communities, there is no doubt that social prescribing is one of the topics of the moment. 

But what exactly is social prescribing, and what implications does it have for partnership working? 


Reflecting on the future for partnership working: Compact Voice’s policy recommendations

Compact Voice recently responded to the Labour party consultation “renewing our bond with the third sector”. The consultation, which covered a range of issues from volunteering to procurement to the independence of the sector, is part of a wider policy review which will help Labour develop its manifesto for 2015.

The Labour consultation was a chance for us to make recommendations on the future of partnership working in three key areas: supporting charities to grow and thrive; procurement; and a strong independent voice.


Recognising the role of small charities in commissioning

Every quarter, the Cabinet Office and Compact Voice hold a ‘cross department Compact meeting’. The most recent meeting sparked some new ideas and keen debate, which I hope will benefit partnerships between not only departments and the organisations they commission – but at a more local level too. 


One week left to enter the Compact Awards 2014: Here's why you should...

There’s less than one week to go until the nomination period for the Compact Awards closes.

The Compact Awards has become the highlight of my working year. This is the 4th year Compact Voice have run them, although it’s the 11th Compact Awards overall. Each year we get more nominations and the awards event is bigger and better – I’m expecting 2014 to be no different. And we’ve already had a real mix of submissions – some very local, some regional, some national.


Funding Review 2014: How have partnerships changed through the downturn?

In this guest blog, NCVO's Andrew O'Brien provides an overview of how a group of organisations are working together to review the financial sustainability of the voluntary sector. 

Here, Andrew considers what this means for partnership working and the Compact, and how you can contribute your experiences.


Lead up to the 2015 election: reflecting on why the Compact is more relevant than ever

On Thursday 4 September, representatives from the voluntary sector and government gathered at the NCVO summer reception.

In between hearing from the previous and current ministers for civil society, meeting old friends and new, and swapping knitting jokes, attendees took the opportunity to peruse the publication being handed around: none other than the NCVO Manifesto 2015.

We at Compact Voice think the manifesto is great example of how the principles of the Compact underpin how the sector imagines our relationship with government.


Refreshing our local Compact to reflect the new commissioning landscape

In this guest blog, Leonie McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer of Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service (CVS), talks about some of the issues considered when refreshing the Peterborough Compact, and how it is intended that the new agreement will help voluntary organisations and commissioners to work together.


Helping you make the most of your consultation responses

At Compact Voice, we talk a lot about what departments can do to engage better with the voluntary sector. However, there isn’t much in the way of guidance for voluntary organisations on how they can effectively and efficiently respond to consultations.


How the Cabinet Office and Compact Voice work together to promote partnership working

A lot of our public facing work here at Compact Voice focuses on the local element of our work. 

But an equally important aspect of what we do is raising awareness of the Compact at a national level, and encouraging government departments to work well in partnership with the voluntary sector.

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