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Swedish Lessons

A few weeks ago, I went to Stockholm to attend the annual conference of the Swedish Compact, called Överenskommelsen. It’s been in existence for about two years and was written with the English Compact as a main inspiration.


Merlin lacks Compact's magic touch

When I talk to people about the Compact and how it works best I always emphasise the importance of embedding it in other structures, networks, guidance etc. It’s about partnerships and should by definition not stand on its own. It works best when it’s intricately linked to what already goes on and when it becomes a natural part of local partnership working.


The value of developing a Compact communications strategy: Solihull

Developing a Compact is a long and complex process which requires far reaching and involved deliberation throughout public service providers from all sectors, as well as the community.


Your thoughts on Compact Voice

In November we asked you to complete a short survey which we plan to use to inform our organisational priorities over the coming year.


Compact Renewal consultation closes tomorrow

With only two days left to submit views on the draft text of the renewed Compact, Compact Voice is about to start the next vital phase - reading, understanding, and getting to grips with the wide range of views we have gathered over the last six weeks.


Good practice, partnerships - and the Compact

In the calm before the storm which will inevitably follow tomorrow's spending review, good practice may appear to be something of a luxury when many in the voluntary sector are thinking about little beyond their own survival. However, good practice – particularly in recognising and building on genuine partnership working between the public and voluntary sectors, will be essential both to weather this storm, and to help turn the ambitious aims of the government’s “Big Society” initiative into a practical reality.


Update on the renewal process - halfway through

Three weeks ago, the announcement was made that the Compact was going to be renewed. Since then, much has happened, and the team at Compact Voice have been kept busy trying to gather as many views and opinions from the voluntary and community sector as possible.


Managing risk even in difficult times

A Parliamentary Committee has criticised the Department for Work and Pensions' (DWP) Pathways to Work programme for placing too much risk on small contractors.


Fawcett Society challenges Government's emergency budget under discrimination law

Some people may have seen in the news last week that the Fawcett Society has launched a legal challenge to the Government’s recent emergency budget.


The solution to easing the pain of cuts is to manage them together

We‘re now well and truly into the “age of austerity”, with the effects of cuts being felt across the country.

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