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Provoking engagement

One of the best reasons to renew a local Compact is to develop engagement in the renewal process from a wide range of local organisations.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But in the current climate of shrinking resources and growing pressure on frontline service delivery in both sectors, getting people to respond to consultations, attend events and engage in shaping a local Compact can be an uphill struggle. So I was intrigued by a great example of ‘provocative’ engagement in the renewal of the Bristol Compact that I came across recently.

The essence of good partnership working

We live in turbulent times. Many of the structures for partnership working are changing, evolving and in some cases disappearing. I’ve been pondering the impact of this and reflecting on what the essence of good partnership working really is.  

Is transforming local infrastructure a good thing?

One of the things I like about my job is that I get a great overview of what current key issues for the voluntary and community sector are, and get to know what is happening locally. We all know that this is a time of change and upheaval, brought about by shrinking resources and a new policy agenda. The emphasis is on doing things differently and on finding innovative ways to provide services.

Are regions still relevant?

In my new role as Engagement Development Officer with Compact Voice, I cover three regions – the South West, the West Midlands and the East Midlands. I’ve been trying to build up a picture of Compact activity in those areas and to get a better feel for what’s happening at a local area in the different regions.

Will renewing your Compact be refreshing?

In my new role as Engagement Development Officer for Compact Voice I’ve been talking to different people who have either recently updated or are planning to update their local Compact.

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