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So how is Government doing on the Compact?

Recently, the National Audit Office published their long awaited report on how central government is implementing the Compact. It’s certainly interesting reading - containing some things we had expected, as well as some surprises - and it sends a clear message both to the government and the sector that more needs to be done to ensure stronger implementation of the Compact.

Celebrating Success

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to attend the 2011 Compact Awards, held at the Treasury and jointly organised by the team here at Compact Voice and the Office for Civil Society. 

The awards celebrated some of the best that the Compact can bring about, and it was a genuine pleasure to spend an evening in the company of people who I could effusively congratulate for their achievements. 

Your voice and the Compact

Last week, we published information about the extent of the cuts to the voluntary and community sector. Based on the information provided by Freedom of Information requests we submitted to 351 local areas, the results provided some key intelligence about how local areas were being affected by spending cuts.

New projects and team members at Compact Voice

Like many people, I’ve just returned from a couple of weeks away from the office, having taken advantage of the numerous recent bank holidays. I was excited to be able to welcome two new members of the Compact Voice team: Elaine Cooper joins us as our new team and communications assistant, and Vicky Redding will be delivering our engagement programme in the South West and the Midlands. 

Candid Compact Collaborations - Leeds event

On Thursday 10 March, Compact Voice held the first in a series of three national events designed to promote the importance of partnership working, and how the Compact can help in troubled times. We were joined by colleagues from across civil society in the grand setting of the Met Hotel in Leeds, with many attendees coming from across the region to contribute.

The Meaning of Meaningful

Before Christmas, Compact Voice expressed concern about the short time scales which the Government was allowing for consultation, and in particular, one on commissioning launched by OCS. We wrote: “Compact Voice is concerned that with the pace of Government change, shorter time frames are becoming commonplace, with insufficient effort being put into meaningful consultation which follows Compact principles.”

Update on the renewal process - halfway through

Three weeks ago, the announcement was made that the Compact was going to be renewed. Since then, much has happened, and the team at Compact Voice have been kept busy trying to gather as many views and opinions from the voluntary and community sector as possible.

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates should pledge their support for the voluntary and community sector

Since the announcement of the general election last week, prospective parliamentary candidates around the country have announced that they are seeking our votes.
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Office of the Third Sector Compact breach

In October, 32 small charitable organisations across England received notification that they would receive funding under a new initiative, the Campaign Research Programme (CRP). This initiative, overseen by the Office of the Third Sector (OTS), would strengthen the ability of these organisations to campaign and have their voice heard.

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