Reviewing our impact, and asking for your input

T Elkins, blog authorThis week Compact Voice published our annual Impact Report, outlining the various activities and achievements that took place during 2012.
This is the fourth impact report I’ve been involved with since starting at Compact Voice, and it’s reassuring to look over them and see how much progress has been made over the last few years.
One of the key messages that the report provides is the increase in demand for Compact Voice’s services. We have seen more engagement locally, more progress nationally, and more downloads of publications and briefings than ever before.
The Compact landscape is rapidly changing, and the fact that so many local groups are being responsive to the shifting policy landscape is reassuring. They are doing so while still protecting and upholding partnership principles that lead to genuinely positive outcomes for communities.
But the Impact Report highlights that there is still more we can do, and 2013 will build on these achievements through closer working with government and scrutiny on the commitments they have made to the voluntary sector.

There is also scope for more engagement locally, and the recent appointment of our new team member, Monika Hofman, to help provide support in both the East and South East of England will help expand our capacity to help local Compact groups.
One of the key ways we can provide better support to our members and networks is through hearing what the important issues are for you.
The Compact only works when people embed it into their thinking, their activities, and challenge when it’s not used, and we can provide you with support on all of these things.
As importantly, with limited capacity (there are twice as many government departments as there are Compact Voice staff members, for example) it helps us understand what the priorities are both locally and nationally. We can’t be everywhere - as much as we would like to be - so please do let us know what is working well, and what isn’t so we can make the best of limited resources.
One of the key mechanisms for understanding what local priorities are most relevant is through our annual local Compact survey. Rachel Wharton, our new Research Assistant, will be conducting a comprehensive survey of the local Compact landscape in the coming months.
But in the meantime, we have opened a short survey which gives you the chance to tell us how we are doing, suggest areas of work we should be tackling, and tell us what improvements we could make to offer the best services to our members.
The survey will take only five minutes to complete, but its impact has the potential to shape our activities for months afterwards.

Please do take time to fill in the short online questionnaire, or phone us on 0207 520 2451 and we can take your views directly. There’s also the chance to win an Amazon voucher, so there’s even more incentive.
As ever, thanks to those who have offered their support both locally and nationally over the last year. We do really appreciate all the work you have done to help bring the Compact to life, and I know that all of us here look forward to making as much impact as we can in the next twelve months too.

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