The End

james allenSo, this is the end. Not for the Compact (online critics relax), but for my time at Compact Voice.

A couple of months ago, I blogged about how the Compact isn’t quite dead yet and I’m pleased to report that it’s still here and alive and well. 

This is a final blog from me to thank my dedicated, committed and hard-working colleagues.

A few final thoughts too on how things might develop for the Compact over the next couple of years.

So, what will happen between now and 2015? Quite a lot, I would expect, but in terms of a top 3:

  • Cuts – no surprises here but clearly set to continue to 2017 and beyond. These cuts, particularly at local level, will start to bite deeper as any remaining easy targets are long gone. Cuts will simultaneously make promoting Compact values more challenging whilst at the same time making them even more important.
  • Confusion – a whole raft of changes in the public sector have happened, and more are to come. Think of Police and Crime Commissioners, a massive change to the health service, radical changes to local government, the scale of change in education policy and the rest of a very long and growing list and the impact that this has on local voluntary and community organisations trying to negotiate a complicated landscape. It’s vital that the Compact isn’t forgotten against this changing backdrop and that it can provide a much needed piece of certainty and consistency as relationships are formed, dissolved and change.
  • More cross sector working – the expectation is that far more public service outsourcing will involve the use of prime contracting and, as a result, the voluntary sector will be engaging in more contractual relationships with the private sector. Remember that the Compact ‘follows the money’ and so private sector contractors should be knowledgeable about Compact principles. Our experience here is distinctly mixed, and so there’s a real need to promote the Compact to private companies who are delivering, or have ambitions to deliver public services.

Not an easy list there. Even without all of these challenges, selling the Compact is not, to put it mildly, always the easiest of tasks.

An era of austerity means more pressure on everyone, with fewer resources. Getting people’s attention and persuading them to work with us is getting more challenging than ever. That’s exactly what the Compact Voice team does, though, every day. Often with very little thanks or acknowledgement - and often under the radar altogether as so much of the team’s work to build and sustain partnerships and relationships is done behind the scenes.  

Thanks to the team for being such a pleasure to work with, and for achieving so much in the 15 months I’ve been with you.

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