Happy Christmas from the Compact Voice team

2012 has been a significant year for Compact Voice. 

 In February, government announced that the Compact would be one of only six cross-cutting departmental priorities.
This saw the Compact included in all government department Business Plans, against which government reports annually.
Compact Voice undertook work with several departments, including the Cabinet Office, CLG, Home Office, Ministry of Justice and others to help them turn this priority into practical actions.
We also issued a number of guidance documents to help local Compact groups engage with new health partnerships, understand social value and help them to encourage statutory partners to sign up to local Compacts.
In July, we published the report of our annual survey of local Compacts, which showed that support for the Compact from both sectors remained high – over 80% of respondents agreed that the Compact was important and needed to be implemented.
One of the key pieces of work we undertook during 2012 was issuing a series of Freedom of Information Act requests to every local authority in England, and to every government department.
It was a daunting task to undertake – particularly when it came to sifting through the vast amounts of data sent to us in response. However, important findings emerged from both reports, and we will use these to inform our work for 2013.
We are grateful for those local areas who continue to show excellence in partnership working - some of whom were recognised with a Compact Award in November. Without your efforts and willingness to share experiences, being able to represent your views, concerns, and opinions would be impossible.
Here’s to another great year in 2013.
- The Compact Voice team

Tom Elkins, Vicky Redding, Elaine Cooper, Kelly Ventress, and Cath Cook (not pictured) and James Allen (not pictured).

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