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Rachel for blogFirst of all, a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to complete our annual survey. As Tom explained in his last blog, the results from the survey help us understand what is working well in different areas across England, as well as what is not working so well. The findings also help us set our priorities for the coming year as we respond to what you’ve told us.

Secondly, our survey is open for another two weeks! We want to gather as much data as possible so the deadline has now been extended till Friday 5th July. You can access our survey here and please send the survey on to anyone who might be interested.

The survey results have already begun to have a very direct effect on our work.

Compact Voice was recently asked to give evidence to the Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary Sector.

We contributed by voicing your opinions gathered from this survey so far -  Over a third of voluntary sector respondents so far feel that consideration for the independence of the voluntary sector has declined.

The majority of respondents in both sectors believe consideration for the independence of the voluntary sector has stayed the same as last year.

The biggest change in results is from public sector respondents– compared to last year, considerably less of them consider that voluntary sector independence is improving. These results may change before the survey closes, but it will be interesting to look into these results further in the coming weeks.

Our results are also revealing that over a third of local Compacts are planning to renew or refresh their Compacts this year, which is encouraging – it shows that keeping local Compacts on the agenda is a priority for many of you.

Our Engagement Development Officers are based across England and are here to help those of you renewing: if you need impartial advice and support when refreshing or renewing your local Compact, please get in touch.

The second part of our survey includes questions on some of the major policy changes coming from central government. We wanted to get a deeper understanding of how these changes are affecting the voluntary sector and the potential impact they might have in the future - some of the results we’ve received so far certainly provide food for thought when it comes to central government policy. We look forward to sharing all of these over the coming weeks in our Annual Survey Report.

I hope this sneak preview into some of the emerging findings gives you an idea of how valuable your responses are. The more of you that complete the survey, the more meaningful our results will be – so we encourage you take ten minutes to fill it in.

Every entry is anonymous, so you can share your views with honesty. And each completed response (where we have contact details) will get entered into a prize draw to win an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

Thanks again from the team here at Compact Voice.

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