The Compact: Increasing my knowledge of geography?

Geography was never my strong point at school, and my sense of direction hasn’t improved much since. The only thing that helps me is remembering the phrase ‘Never Eat Shredded Wheat’ so I can remember the compass points of North, East, South and West. Needless to say, when I took on the role of Engagement Officer covering the North West, North East and Yorkshire & Humber, I knew it would be a challenge in more ways than one.

People always tell me I can’t get lost with a Satnav, but my experience tells me otherwise! Having used one a few times lately I have either set it incorrectly so I’ve gone round in circles rather than heading for my destination or it has tried to send me down streets that are closed due to road works and I have got lost whilst waiting for it to reset.

It’s not just with a Satnav that I get lost. The first time I went to a meeting at the Compact Voice office in London, I printed off a map with the walking directions from London Euston – which would have been helpful if I’d had the map the right way round when I left the station, instead of going North then West I went East then North… I did eventually get there after asking for directions.

So my challenge is to find my way across the 3 regions by car or public transport and meet with people who would like my support or advice. So far I have made it to 7 different locations across the regions (although the taxi got lost going from the station to a meeting and I had to get out and walk).

What I have found on my travels though is that local Compacts are as diverse as the geography of the regions. Some are well-supported and resourced, others less so, and all of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. The best ones are the ones that reflect their local identities.

Do you need help or support with your local Compact? Do you want to help me to increase my geographical knowledge? If so, do get in touch if you are in the North West, North East or Yorkshire & Humber.

I intend to keep records of my journeys and may even continue writing blogs about my travels or update people through Twitter or Facebook, so your area and local Compact could be included. Will I succeed in my challenge over the next 12 months? Share this
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