Why use the Compact?

The Compact (PDF 268KB) is a set of principles which establishes a framework for better partnership working between the government, and the voluntary and community sector, at both local and national level.

It offers support and guidance on important issues such as protecting the independence of the voluntary and community sector, establishing ways to ensure that organisations are involved in the design and delivery of services and policies, and ensuring that funding arrangements are established in the fairest possible way.

arrowDelivering better outcomes with the Compact

The Compact has been used across England to achieve key outcomes in communities. Compact Voice has gathered some of the best examples of Compact successes on our good practice map, which shows how local partners have used the Compact most effectively.

Recently, the Compact has achieved some key successes in ensuring that the potentially negative consequences of spending cuts are minimised. Examples of good partnership working in places across England can help other areas to develop similar ways of working.

arrowHelping people work together

Every area in England is covered by a local Compact, and many have established working groups who meet and discuss how best to implement the Compact to take into account local need. Compact Champions can raise the profile of Compact working and ensure that its principles are taken into account.

arrowResponding to new policies and initiatives

The Compact has been used since 1998 by both national and local government and the voluntary and community sector. Many new policies - such as the Big Society - recognise the importance of the Compact, and Compact Voice provides expertise and information on these issues to both sectors. Recently, guidance on using the Compact to manage cuts more effectively has been widely used by both local government and civil society organisations.

arrowGoing Forward

The Compact has been endorsed at the highest levels of government, and will continue to have a key role in developing better partnership working. Using and developing local Compacts is a key way of ensuring that local organisations are better able to influence and deliver services and policies which will have the most positive impact within their community. 

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